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Spring 2009
Volume 5 Issue 2
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Somerset County Community Band
From their website
Used with permission of Dave Breen

The Somerset County Community Band is an affiliate of Laurel Arts, the rural arts organization serving Somerset County, PA.  It was started in 1989 to give area residents an opportunity to renew their interest in      instrumental music.

The director is Dan Croft, who retired following more than 30 years as the instrumental music teacher in the North Star School District.

Members currently range in age from high school students to grandparents.  The band practices every Thursday evening at 7:00 in the Somerset Area Junior High School band room. New    members are always welcome!

During the summer, the group travels throughout the region, performing at community festivals and other events.  By September, preparation begins for the Christmas season.

Not many bands have music written especially for them, but in 2002 the Somerset County     Community Band commissioned "Flight of Valor," a composition to honor the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93.  Nationally-known band composer James Swearingen based the work on the hymn "It is Well with my Soul," written in 1876 by Horatio Gates Spafford.  Spafford's wife and four daughters were heading to Europe when their ship collided with another.  The girls perished, and Mrs. Spafford sent her husband the telegram, "Saved alone." Spafford later passed the spot where the ship sank, and was moved to write the words, later set to music by Philip Paul Bliss.

See InConcert Vol. 4 Issue 1, Winter 2008 in the New Music Corner to see an article by Dan Croft about. “Flight of Valor.”

Southwestern PA Community Bands (As of March 29, 2009)

Below are some recent updates to the directory.  If you are aware of community bands in the    region that are not yet in the online directory please let them know about us. We currently have 24 groups listed in our directory from the Southwestern Pennsylvania region.

Penn-Trafford Community Band
Bill Balawadjer, Director
Ron Rometo, President and General Manager

Band News
to the

East Winds Symphonic Band

for being named
the 2008 winner of the Sudler Silver Scroll
Administered by the John Phillip Sousa Foundation

YouTube and the Community Bands, part 2: a look at copyright

By Sarah McElfresh

In our last issue (InConcert Winter 2009) we looked at the idea of posting clips of your community band on YouTube and what are some issues that are involved in that. One primary concern comes down to rights and copyright infringement.  Here we will look at YouTube’s policy on copyright and examine the different type of rights involved with performing, recording, and distributing music.

As a note, all community bands should be paying performance rights to ASCAP and BMI for works performed.  There are different ways to go about paying these fees, one of the more easy ways is to join the Association of Concert Bands as an organization with the BMI/ASCAP Blanket Performance Licensing Agreement.  Visit for more information.

First, what is YouTube’s copyright policy  the bottom line is this “Posting copyright-infringing content can lead to the termination of your account, and possibly monetary damages if a copyright owner decides to take legal action (this is serious—you can get sued!) … As a general matter, we at YouTube respect the rights of artists and creators, and hope you will work with us to keep our community a creative, legal and positive experience for everyone, including artists and creators.”

Now let’s define some terms:
Copyright -  According the US Copyright Office  “Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works.”

Public Performance or Performance Rights - According to ASCAP  “A public performance is one that occurs "in a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered." A public performance also occurs when the performance is transmitted by means of any device or process (for example, via broadcast, telephone wire, or other means) to the public. In order to perform a copyrighted work publicly, the user must obtain performance rights from the copyright owner or his representative.”

Blanket License - According to ASCAP  "Blanket license" is a license which allows the music user to perform any or all of over 8.5 million songs in the ASCAP repertory as much or as little as they like. Licensees pay an annual fee for the license.”

Mechanical rights- According to ASCAP  “A mechanical right is the right to record and distribute (without visual images) a song on a phonorecord for private use. Mechanical rights or a mechanical license must be obtained in order to lawfully make and distribute records, CD's and tapes.” 
[3] Mechanical rights for most works can be obtained by the Harry Fox Agency (

Synchronization or "Synch" Rights - According to ASCAP  “A synchronization or "synch" right involves the use of a recording of musical work in audio-visual form. For example as part of a motion picture, television program, commercial announcement, music video or other videotape. . . Synchronization rights are licensed by the music publisher to the producer of the movie or program.”

Most of the music that a community band performs is copyrighted.  There are some exceptions as some works common in the band repertoire are in the public domain.  We should all be concerned with copyright and legally performing our music.  Royalties are what allow the composers to continue creating new works for us to enjoy and to play.  To perform the music in accordance with observing copyrights,  you need 1) the performance rights  (often obtained via a blanket license) to publically perform the music, 2) the mechanical rights to record and distribute the music, and 3) the synchronization rights lets you put the music in a video form.  So what does all this mean?  If you want to produce a CD you need to obtain mechanical rights, this is usually done through the Harry Fox Agency.  If you want to post a video or create a DVD of a concert, you need to obtain the Synchronization rights from the music publisher.  Therefore it appears that without obtaining the synchronization rights, any video clip of the band performing copyrighted music posted to YouTube or anywhere else would be in violation of the copyright.

This does not constitute legal advice, but is intended to raise the awareness of the issues and rights involved and it would be best to seek legal advice before moving forward with any video project.  The above information is presented for informational purposes only.

References cited:
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Additional resources:
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Music Corner
This section is intended to be a place for conductors and musicians to share information on new music they are playing.  If you have something to contribute please email us the information at with “New Music Corner” in the subject line. Please include the title, composer/arranger, publisher and a brief description of the piece. 

This quarter we are going to list the pieces recently suggested by several community band musicians in our region.  These are pieces the musicians want to play!  They are arranged by composer. Check out J.W. Pepper, C.L. Barnhouse, and Hal Leonard for more information on these selections.

Brian Balmages
   A view of the new world
   Symphonic Episodes

Norman Dello Joio
   Satiric Dance

Johan de Meij

Morton Gould
   American Salute

Percy Grainger
   Childa's March

Gustav Holst
   1st Suite in Eb for Military Band
   2nd Suite in F for Military Band

Pierre Leemans. Arranged by James Swearingen
   March of the Belgian Paratroopers

Robert Longfield
Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

John Mackey
  Strange Humors

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
   Pictures at an Exhibition
Alfred Reed
   A Jubilant Overture
   Hounds of Spring

Claude T Smith
   Intrada  Adoration & Praise

Robert W Smith
   By Lock and Mountian
   Great Locomotive Chase
   Ireland of Legend & Lore.

Arthur Sullivan arr. Charles Mackerras
   Pineapple Poll

Frank Ticheli
   Loch Lomond
   Sun Dance

Eric Whitacre

Clifton Williams
   Symphonic Suite
   Symphonic Dance #3 Fiesta!

Combined Calendar (As of March 29, 2009 for Spring  2009)
For the updates and the entire calendar visit the online calendar

April 2009:
Tue, 14 7:30pm Scottdale Concert Band C.U.M.C. Church, Scottdale
Sat, 25 7:30pm Butler County Symphony Orchestra Butler Area Intermediate High School Auditorium
Sun, 26 3pm Westmoreland Symphonic Winds Cecilan Hall, Seton Hill University
Sun, 26 West Hills Symphonic Band Chartiers Valley Intermediate School

May 2009:
Sat, 2 8pm
Washington Symphony Orchestra Trinity High School, Washington
Sat, 2 2:30pm Three Rivers Community Band Festival Upper St. Clair High School Theatre
Sun, 3 3pm North Suburban Symphonic Band Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
Sat, 9 7:30pm Edgewood Symphony Orchestra Woodland Hills West Junior High School
Fri, 15 7pm The Pittsburgh Philharmonic Butler County Community College Succop Theatre
Sat, 16 2pm Scottdale Concert Band Bethlen Home, Ligonier
Sat, 16 7pm The Pittsburgh Philharmonic North Hills. Jr. High Auditorium
Sat, 16 7:30pm Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra Upper St. Clair High School Theatre
Wed, 20 7:30pm Community Band South Upper St. Clair High School Theatre
Sun, 24
Armstrong Concert Band Free Methodist Church, Kittanning
Sun, 31 11:30am Delmont Concert Band Newlonsburg Church, Murrysville

June 2009:
Thu, 4 7pm Delmont Concert Band Verona
Sat, 6 7pm Penn Trafford Community Band Westinghouse Castle, Wilmerding
Sun, 14 7pm Jeannette Community Band On the Diamond in Ligonier
Sun, 21 3pm
Scottdale Concert Band Idlewild
Sun, 21 7pm Blairsville Community Concert Band On the Diamond in Ligonier
Tue, 23 7:30pm West Hills Symphonic Band Lakewood Park/Hopewell Community Park
Thu, 25 7pm Delmont Concert Band Redstone Highlands, Murrysville
Fri, 26   West Hills Symphonic Band Next to Oakdale Diner, Oakdale
Fri, 26  7:30pm South Hills Community Concert Band Hamilton Presbyterian Church, Bethel Park
Sat, 27 6pm Kittaning Firemen's Band Kittanning Amphitheatre (rain location: Grace Presby Church)
Sun, 28 6:30pm Community Band South Wallace Presbyterian Church, Greentree


The 2009 Sousa National Community Band  -  July 10-12, 2009
New Orleans, Louisiana

Join us in “The Big Easy” for the inaugural Sousa National Community Band. New Orleans is making remarkable progress in re-building and you can do your part by bringing your talent and your tourist dollars to one of the great historic cities of the United States. Come join a world-class conductor and talented musicians from around the country for a great weekend of music making. The band will be conducted by Colonel John R. Bourgeois, USMC (Ret.), former director of the United States Marine Band, "The President's Own."  

The Sousa National Community Band registration fee is $60.00.

More information:

Further inquiries may be directed to: Gerald Guilbeaux

Historic Brass Band forming in Westmoreland County
The Vintage Brass Ensemble is now forming in the Greensburg, Pa area and looking for amateur players to explore music from the brass band  era (mid 1800's-1920's) playing on authentic      period instruments  (provided.) We have the horns, we have the music, we just need the  players. Visit ( for more information.

North Central Ohio Adult Music Camp
4 day camp: June 24-27; 3 day camp June 25-27

  • For further information contact Dave Wolbert 419/289-2126 ext 138, or Leonard Salvo 419.289.5132,
  • Two options are available -- the basic Community Band camp, 3-Day ($160) offers small    ensemble and community band sessions, the 4-Day ($200) has an additional day for small ensembles or Big Band / Jazz.   In past years various small ensembles have been offered  depending on available instrumentation: flute; clarinet; double reed, saxophone; mixed    woodwinds; woodwind quintet; brass quintet; brass choir; low brass choir; trumpet choir.
  • Ashland University , Ashland, Ohio
  • Registration is first come first serve, Early registration discount applied before April 27
  • See SWPA Band Partners announcements page for link to brochure and application

Discounted Tickets from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is offering discounted subscription rates to Southwestern PA Band Partner Members, Family and Friends.
The concerts that are remaining at the time of this newsletter are in in the BNY Mellon Grand Classics Subscription (50% off) To take advantage of the offer call PSO Group Sales at 412.392.3347 and mention "SWPA Band Partners"

BNY Mellon Grand Classics Subscription!
Choose 3 of these remaining concerts - for as little as $7 per concert! 
( + one $5 handling fee)

Rachmaninoff Rhapsody April 3, 4, 5
Rachmaninoff Festival Finale April 17, 18, 19
Honeck and Bronfman April 30, May 1, 2
Honeck, Mozart and Beethoven Jun 4, 5, 6
Honeck: Mozart & Beethoven Resurrection June 12, 14

For more information follow the link to the PDF flyer from the SWPABP new announcements page at:

Interlochen Adult Band Camp

Interlochen Adult Band Camp announces 2009 dates, August 4-9 on the campus of the Interlochen Center for the Arts.  Interlochen faculty teach, coach and conduct the concert band. Find us on the web at:
Association of Concert Bands

The Association of Concert Bands (ACB) is a national organization dedicated to encouraging and fostering adult community, municipal and civic bands and musicians.  Membership has its privileges, with different levels of membership—individual ($30/yr), family ($45/yr), life ($1000), organizational ($50/yr or $275/yr), and corporate ($150/yr).  The more expensive type of organizational memberships comes with the BMI/ASCAP Blanket licensing agreement that keeps community bands legal with performance fees.  All types of memberships come with a subscription to the Journal, voting privileges, and participation in the annual convention and convention band.  The Journal is published three times a year, and includes articles about community bands from across the country; festivals, concerts, band camps, reviews of music and CDs and other topics that would be of interest to a community band musician.  For more information, visit the web site or contact Sarah McElfresh, Regional Membership Coordinator for Pennsylvania at sarahmcelfresh (at)

Contacting Us:

Southwestern Pennsylvania Band Partners is dedicated to helping community music groups in the southwestern Pennsylvania Region. 
Please visit us online at the address below to learn more or become involved.

Regional Bands with web sites (for updated list visit the links page)

Aeolian Winds
Allegheny Brass Band
Armstrong Concert Band
Blairsville Community Concert Band
Butler County Symphony
Community Band South
East Winds Symphonic Band
Edgewood Symphony
Harmony-Zelienople Community Band
Harrisville Community Band
Jeannette Community Band
Kiski Valley Community Band
Kittanning Firemen's Band
Musicians Concert Band
Pittsburgh Philharmonic
North Suburban Symphonic Band
Ohio Valley Community Band
Penn Trafford Community Band
Pine Creek Community Band
Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra
Scottdale Concert Band
Somerset County Community Band
Washington Symphonic Orchestra
West Hills Symphonic Band
Westmoreland Symphonic Winds

Contributing to the newsletter
Everyone is welcome to contribute an article to the newsletter.  The topic is up to you—something you think your fellow musicians would be interested in. We are always looking for contributions to the "New Music Corner." Just email your article to:

For additions to the web site email:

In the next newsletter
In our next newsletter due out in early April you will find:

Sarah McElfresh,  East Winds Symphonic Band, Delmont Concert Band
Scott McElfresh, East Winds Symphonic Band
Kathy Wikowski, Allegheny Brass Band,  North Suburban Symphonic Band

March 29, 2009