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Volume 6 Issue 2
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Opportunities for the Community Band Musician

By Sarah McElfresh
There are many opportunities for an individual community musicians to play in another ensemble for a one time (or short time) event.  These include things such as festival or convention bands, side-by-sides or band camps.  We have looked at some of these in the past (Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Summer 2008, Fall 2009).  Here is an updated list and description of these types of experiences.
Three Rivers Community Band Festival’s Festival Band
A combined band of musicians from throughout the region under a guest conductor rehearses in the morning and puts on a concert during the festival.  Registration is typically February 15th with the Festival occurring in May.  See for more information.   This year the date is May  1, 2010 at Upper St. Clair High School.
Three Rivers Saxophone Quartet Summer Workshop
Five day workshop to expose saxophonists, clarinetists, flutists, and double reed players to a variety of musical experiences including performance in all styles, literature, instrument repair, study of reeds, and instrument maintenance.  For more information see  The workshop takes place at California University of Pennsylvania June 28-July 2.  Registration materials online, deadline is June 5th.
Pittsburgh Symphony Side-by-Side
Community Musicians play alongside members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. The event will consist of sectionals, workshops, and rehearsals, and a final concert in June  2010 under Resident Conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra  Lawrence Loh. For more information: see or call the Pittsburgh Symphony Education and Community Engagement Department at (412) 392-4870.
North Central Ohio Adult Music Camp
A 3 or 4 day camp at Ashland University in Ashland, OH June 23-26, 2010 For more information email John Siebert or Leonard Salvo, Musical Director at   or see
Band Camp for Adult Musicians at Allegheny College
Band camp for 1 or 2 weeks at Allegheny College June 13 – 19 and June 27 – July 3. For more information  Registration deadline is April 23, however this camp tends to fill up quickly.

Liberty Classic Community Band Festival
A Friday to Sunday event of rehearsals culminating with a concert October 22-24, 2010 in Williamsport PA.  Musicians will come from all over to participate in the festival band  Early registration deadline is September 1, with application deadline of October 1st.  The event is hosted by the Repasz Band.  The guest conductor will be Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, USAF Band (Ret.) For more information see
Association of Concert Bands Convention Band
Each year at the Association of Concert Band’s (ACB) Annual convention there is the Convention band that is open to all members of ACB.  You can join on your conference registration form.  During the convention there are rehearsals each day and on the final day of the convention the band performs a full concert.  A nationally known guest conductor is brought in to conduct the group and the members come from all over the country.  In 2010 the convention is in Plano TX  April 14-18 with guest conductor Richard L. Floyd.  For 2011, the Convention will be in Muskegon MI with guest conductor James Curnow.  For more information about the conventions  in general see, for 2010 see  for 2011 see .
Sousa National Community Band
Organized by the John Philip Sousa Foundation, 2009 saw the first Sousa National Community Band where individual musicians from around the country traveled to New Orleans to play a concert in the style of Sousa under the baton of Col. John R. Bourgeois.  In 2010, the event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada July 9-11 again under the baton of Col. Bourgeois.
For information see:  under Projects  or send an email to
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
Has various summer camps for adults from Summer Camp For Adults from July 14 - August 24, 2010 in Twin Lake MI. See for more information.
Interlochen Adult Band Camp
Takes place in Interlochen MI at  Interlochen Center for the Arts  from August 10-15, 2010  Early          registration deadline in May 15, regular registration deadline is July 1. For more information see

Southwestern PA Community Bands (As of March 25, 2010)

Below is a recent update to the directory.  If you are aware of community bands in the region that are not yet in the online directory please let them know about us. We currently have 25 groups listed in our directory from the Southwestern Pennsylvania region.


Pine Creek Community Band
Randy Heide, Conductor
Mary Ellen Dougall, President

Verified: January 24, 2010

 Please check the listing of your group in the online directory to see if it is correct and let us know so we can put a “Verified on” date. 

Deeper look at Bylaws
By Sarah McElfresh
In our last issue (Vol. 6, Issue 1) we took a first pass at a band’s bylaws and what job descriptions might be included in such a document.  Here we will briefly describe some other sections of the by laws document.  Again we remind of the resources available to members of the  Association of Concert Bands (, including the Band Builders Manual and Bylaws Bank that are helpful to community bands for developing bylaws and operating procedures.  Just as there are many different types of community bands, there are many different organizational structures.  This is typically formalized with bylaws.  Your organizational structure is also something that your group may revisit from time to time as the band evolves. 
Bylaws should deal with the organizational structure of the organization dictating the rules that should govern the band for many years and not things that may easily change.  Bylaws should be difficult to change since they serve to protect for the membership. Issues or policies  that may change frequently should be covered Operating Policies.  Below are some common sections of a typical organization’s bylaws.  Some sections can be expanded into multiple sections, others may not be needed at all, and there may be things not listed below that are applicable to your band’s situation.  Many organizations have their bylaws online and you can search for these to get ideas on wordings and items that others have felt necessary to include.
Common sections of the bylaws document.
I. Name of the organization
States the name of the organization.  It is important that this match the name on the incorporation or any other legal documents.
II. Objective/Purpose
A general statement describing the purpose of the organization.  This may be similar to your mission statement.
III. Officers
Use this section to describe the officers or positions and their responsibilities within the band (See Vol. 6, Issue 1 for more details).  You may wish to include Section Leader responsibilities here or in their own section.  Musical Director responsibilities may be a sub-item here or in another section as well.  Executive Board may be a separate section where you describe governing rules separate from organizational structure.
IV. Members
This section is used to outline things such as qualifications for membership, the types of membership,  the existence of membership fees or dues.  You may also want to outline the procedures and policies for revoking membership.  Here you also outline the expectations and duties of members.
V. Committees
Use this section to outline standing committees (eg. Finance; Nominating) and to describe how future committees will be created.  You may wish to specify rules of operation for these committees here.
VI. Meetings
This section is where you specify the frequency of meetings, describe how special meetings can take place, define what it means to have a quorum.
VII. Elections
The process by which elections are conducted, included may be the nomination process and timeline for elections.  What is needed to declare an outcome.
VIII. Parliamentary Authority
This is typically where an organization states that the current version of Roberts Rules of Order will be used where applicable and consistent with the rest of the bylaws.
XIX. Property
Here is where you outline things such as uniforms or instruments that the band may purchase and what constitutes band property and individual property.  You may also include what happens to the property should the band dissolve in this section, or under the termination section.
X. Fiscal Policies
Here you define the fiscal year of the organization, and outline any other monetary policies that your organization sees as ongoing.
XI. Amendment of Bylaws 
This sections specifies how the Bylaws can be amended including notice to membership and  by what means amendments will be approved and what percentage of members must approve of the changes.
XII. Termination
Here is where you specify what will happen in the event the organization is dissolved.  What happens to the assets, etc.
XIII. Items not covered in the Bylaws
Here you may specify procedures for addressing items not in the bylaws.  Roberts Rules of Order may help in dealing with the situation, but you should have in print that you will defer to those procedures.
Additional Resources:


Music Corner
This section is intended to be a place for conductors and musicians to share information on new music they are playing.  If you have something to contribute please email us the information at with “New Music Corner” in the subject line. Please include the title, composer/arranger, publisher and a brief description of the piece. 

Composer: Brain Balmages
Published: 2008
Grade: 2.5
Performance time: 4:15 min
Publisher: FJH Music Company Inc.
Brian Balmages Web site:
by Sarah McElfresh
This is a lyrical composition that is suitable for a band at any level.  The rhythms are relatively easy for an ensemble to master.  It is the dynamics that truly make the heart and soul of the piece.  While slow moving and peaceful, if performed well can bring excitement to any program.
As with a gentle rain storm, the music can evoke sadness, calmness, and excitement to the listener.  I envision sitting on the edge of a clearing and watching the rain roll in.  It is a gentle rain  (few voices at a time) where I am, yet you can hear the rumble of thunder in the distance, while you watch and listen (played on the bells) to the raindrops fall into a nearby puddle .  The storm picks up intensity (most instruments playing) for a few moments to remind us the power of nature, but it quickly passes and we are back to a quiet, gentle rain.
A preview score is available at the web site of FJH Music Company Inc.

Combined Calendar (As of March 25, for Spring 2010)
For the updates and the entire calendar visit the online calendar

April 2010:
Sun, 11 Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh Bower Hill Church, Mt. Lebanon
Fri, 16 7:30pm Community Band South Mt. Lebanon Methodist Church Mt. Lebanon
Sat, 17 3pm West Hills Symphonic Band Burgettstown High School
Sun, 18 8pm Westmoreland Symphonic Winds Seton Hill University's new Performing Arts Center
Sat, 24 7:30pm Butler County Symphony Orchestra Butler Area Intermediate High School Auditorium

May 2010:
Sat, 1 2:30pm Three Rivers Community Band Festival Upper St. Clair High School Theatre
Sat, 1 8pm Washington Symphony Orchestra Trinity High School, Washington
Sun, 2 3pm North Suburban Symhonic Band The Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
Sat, 8 7:30pm Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra Upper St. Clair High School Theatre
Fri, 14 6:30pm Penn Trafford Community Band William Penn Personal Care Home, Penn Twp.
Sat, 15 7:30pm Edgewood Symphony Orchestra Agnes and Joseph Katz Performing Arts Center Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh
Wed, 19 7pm Community Band South Upper St. Clair High School Theatre
Sat, 22 7pm The Pittsburgh Philharmonic North Hills Junior High School
Sun, 23 3pm The Pittsburgh Philharmonic Butler County Community College Succop Theater
Sun, 23 10am Delmont Concert Band Newlonsburg Presbyterian Church, Murrysville
Mon, 29 10am Kiski Valley Community Band Allegheny Township Giant Eagle

June 2010:
Mon, 14 Kiski Valley Community Band Leechburg Elks Flag Day Ceremony
Thu, 24 7pm Delmont Concert Band Redstone Highlands, Murrysville


Liberty Classic Community Band Festival
Hosted by the Repasz Band
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
October 22-24, 2010
Guest Conductor, Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, USAF Band (Ret.) will be on hand to conduct individual musicians from all over the country who will travel to Williamsport, PA for this festival.  Rehearsals are Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a concert on Sunday evening at The Community Arts Center.
For more information visit

Association of Concert Bands

The Association of Concert Bands (ACB) is a national organization dedicated to encouraging and fostering adult community, municipal and civic bands and       musicians.  Membership has its privileges, with different levels of membership— student ($15/yr),  individual ($30/yr), family ($45/yr), life ($1000), organizational ($50/yr or $275/yr), and corporate ($150/yr).  The more expensive type of organizational      memberships comes with the BMI/ASCAP Blanket licensing agreement that keeps community bands legal with performance fees.  All types of  memberships come with a subscription to the Journal, voting privileges, and participation in the annual convention and convention band.  The Journal is published three times a year, and includes articles about community bands from across the country; festivals, concerts, band camps, reviews of music and CDs and other topics that would be of interest to a community band musician.  For more information, visit the web site or contact Sarah McElfresh, Regional Membership Coordinator for Pennsylvania at 

Note: there is a new student membership level—perhaps you know a student you’d want to give a gift membership .  Gift memberships are available at all levels.

Are you interested in an Unwanted Music Swap??

The idea has been presented by the president of one of the bands that we have a music swap.  A place to trade original full scores of music that are just taking up space in your music library.  Swap those pieces you will never play for one reason or another for something else.  Perhaps it is too easy or hard for your group—might be just right for another.       Perhaps it is a piece that your band has overplayed—it may be brand new to another.  Perhaps you just need to thin out your library.  There are many more reasons why you may no longer need or want that piece of music, and it may be a gem for some other group.

If you are interested in participating in such an event, please contact Sarah McElfresh at sarahmcelfresh (at)
Date and location will be set and announced after the schedules of those most interested have been worked out.

Music Director Opening
The Armstrong Concert Band is looking for a new Music Director
  If you are interested, contact the band for a job description and possible interview.
  Web site:  email:

Sousa National Community Band

July 9-11, 2010, Las Vegas NV

Organized by the John Philip Sousa Foundation, the Sousa National Community Band is comprised of individual musicians from around the country who travel to a given location to  play a concert in the style of Sousa under the baton of Col. John R. Bourgeois. 

For information see:  under Projects       or             send an email to 

General Announcements

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Contacting Us:

Southwestern Pennsylvania Band Partners is dedicated to helping community music groups in the southwestern Pennsylvania Region. 
Please visit us online at the address below to learn more or become involved.

Regional Bands with web sites (for updated list visit the links page)

Aeolian Winds
Allegheny Brass Band
Armstrong Concert Band
Blairsville Community Concert Band
Butler County Symphony
Community Band South
East Winds Symphonic Band
Edgewood Symphony
Harmony-Zelienople Community Band
Harrisville Community Band
Jeannette Community Band
Kiski Valley Community Band
Kittanning Firemen's Band
Lawrence County Community Band
Metropolitan Symphonic Band
Musicians Concert Band
Pittsburgh Philharmonic
North Suburban Symphonic Band
Ohio Valley Community Band
Penn Trafford Community Band
Pine Creek Community Band
Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra
Scottdale Concert Band
Somerset County Community Band
Washington Symphonic Orchestra
West Hills Symphonic Band
Westmoreland Symphonic Winds

Contributing to the newsletter
Everyone is welcome to contribute an article to the newsletter.  The topic is up to you—something you think your fellow musicians would be interested in. We are always looking for contributions to the "New Music Corner." Just email your article to:

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Sarah McElfresh,  East Winds Symphonic Band, Delmont Concert Band
Scott McElfresh, East Winds Symphonic Band

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